Technology is changing everyday

As a digital solutions company, the only constant in technology is change with new and innovative ways to solve problems coming up every day.

Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Understanding

The age of Artificial Intelligence has arrived. With consumer AI assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri creating mass awareness, enterprises are increasingly looking at ways NLU and AI can provide value to their businesses. While some of the initial hype and subsequent fear focussed on general purpose uses of AI completely replacing humans, the market has been quick to prove that such fear was unfounded and horizontal AI tools had a long way to go before being useful. Instead, specific niche functions of AI where it could perform simple functions while gathering massive amounts of data to improve itself has proven to be the area with the most successful deployments and it's in this area we are exploring different tools that can help businesses be more productive.

Communications 3.0

Original online communication was dominated with email. Then came social networks. Now, messaging has become the new dominant way that customers communicate with each and this is affecting commerce in many different ways. Merchants must meet customers where they are at and move away from legacy technologies like email and call centers that are no longer the preferred channel of choice by customers. Integrating this communication to the daily life of a merchant is not an overnight process and how to do it while maintaining the intimacy and service level will be the key to getting the best results from this new communication platform.

Travel Logistics

Tourism is regarded as one of the four pillars of Hong Kong's economy. According to the figure announced by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong recorded 58.47 million tourist arrivals in 2007, up 3.2 percent from a year earlier. This massively changing industry is affecting every area of travel, most notably how customers book and pay for their food, accommodations and experiences. However, an important sector we feel that has not been addressed is the logistics side of travel which has largely remain unchanged which makes this a large untapped market to be addressed. Whether it's shopping for goods, transporting luggage or moving from one place to another, freeing up time and hands for travellers will fundamentally change how we all travel.

Sharing Economy

With the explosion of Uber, Didi, Airbnb and other user generated booking platforms, the sharing economy has become a staple in how people do business. However, many traditional businesses are not currently adept at working with the new economy businesses and many of these otherwise outstanding businesses need a way to be integrated to the new world. We feel there lies tremendous opportunity with being able to link the new sharing economy platforms with more traditional businesses needing to get caught up with the times.