emFace – Platform for mobile workers

emFace is a market leading mobile and cloud-based Retail Execution Solution. It allows retail brands with their own stores to improve retail execution and gain visibility into how their stores are operated. Sales, Compliance and District Managers armed with our branded mobile apps can more effectively plan their days, view store performance data, fill in audit forms and assign tasks to store managers.

In addition, consumer goods companies that sell through channels like department stores and supermarkets can also better manage their sales people, merchandisers and promotors. By enabling each of them with a company branded mobile app, they can easily track trade promotion effectiveness in the field, check stock, inventory and price levels at stores, capture and annotate photos of anything they see in the field while also capturing order information in the field.

Finally, management can view real-time reports and dashboards directly in Salesforce.com for more detailed follow-up and decision making.

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Why emFace

Real-Time Accuracy

    Gain real-time insights into multi-channel inventory to provide a better customer experience.

Gain Productivity

    Gain immediate efficiency with improved productivity by emFace's superior workflow design. It is the mobile platform allow user to access everywhere and monitor everywhere with real-time data support.

Hybrid Business Model

    emFace merchandising management solution allow you to manage hybrid business models with corporate and franchise owned stores. Enable you to give franchisees as much or as little control as you wish.

Key Features

Native Mobile or Web-Apps for Customers (iOS/Android)
Intelligent Routing and Scheduling Engine
Visit Plans with Map Views and route recommendation
Inventory and Stock Checks with QR scanner
Audit and Surveys with Scores and Ranking
Salesforce.com Backend with configuration security, workflow and reporting engine.
Field Ordering with discounts and promotions
Product Catalogue with Photos, Videos, PDFs to enable your Retail Staff to sell more.
Competitor and Fake Goods CaptureS
Dashboard for sales performance