What is emLux

emLux is a powerful Membership CRM system designed to increase loyalty amongst your customers. Built on the Salesforce.com platform and connected to web, apps, and social messaging apps, our one-stop solution acts as a gateway between your brand and customers.

By having a full 360 degree view of your customers, you’re able to better understand their needs, target them with more effective promotions, build repeat business through effective rewards systems and foster a community for your brand by allowing them to easily engage both each other and directly with you.

Our system enables your customers, your office staff and your retail staff all to communicate seamlessly via our Branded apps so you always understand what’s going on.

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Why emLux

Gain Traffic

    Mobile clienteling solutions that will bring about increases in traffic, conversion, average transaction value and even gross margin.

Gain Loyalty

    emlux empowers retailers to build customer loyalty with multi-channel clienteling for 1 to 1 relationship selling.

Gain Satisfaction

    Mobiant solutions provide 360° view of your customers and develop a complete profile of each customer. Your employee especially your in-store staff are able to reach those knowledge they need.

Key Features

Native Mobile or Web-Apps for Customers (iOS/Android)
Membership CRM System with profiles, membership tiers and detailed customer information.
Rewards System to enable customers to redeem points for rewards and cash dollars.
Event Module to track VIP Attendance and registration to exclusive events.
WeChat/Facebook Messenger Connector for Customers
Loyalty Points Engine that can define $-point ratio. *Can be linked to POS system transactions.
Product Catalogue with Photos, Videos, PDFs to enable your Retail Staff to sell more.
Dashboard for sales performance